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We’re so happy with our first new home all thanks to James Chen! After being very cautious to enter the home buying market, we met James through a friend and he was as trustworthy as we had heard. He quickly and personally acted on our concerns for what types of homes we were interested in and where we wanted to live. Every weekend and many weeknights he would drive long distances to meet us without complaint and show us over 30 homes.

The house hunting process is full of highs and lows and for us it was no exception. We began becoming disheartened after putting in multiple offers and getting beat out by higher offers. However, James would patiently give us pep talks and explained that this is the state of the current housing market, and to keep looking for the right one (just like dating.) It helped having someone who had personal experience with the market.

Just when we thought we would never find the right home, it was there, bright, shiny, and new. He was right all along. What we liked best about going with James is that he never made us sign a contract, never a guilt trip, he was a strict professional, and only had our best interests in mind.

— Mark & Ari Williams, Glassel Park